• About us

    • Team Profile

      IPHALL is headed by a multi-disciplinary patent technical drafting and advisory team based in Malaysia and Singapore. IPHALL provides a full range of intellectual property services such as: Patent Searching, Patent Analysis and Patent Drafting (in English) servicing a broad range of clients such as enterprises, research institutions, universities, independent or private funded inventors and international law firms.

    • Our People

      Our panel of patent professionals consist of qualified and highly experienced individuals from a variety of technical backgrounds who hold law degrees and/or graduate or postgraduates degrees in a broad spectrum of the sciences and engineering disciplines. With years of experience in patent prosecution and litigation before patent offices which include the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Patent Office (EPO), we are in good stead to properly understand and provide a customized consultation tailored to our clients' specific business needs.

  • Our Patent Technical Team

    Mr. Jerry Day

    Senior patent consultant

    Bsc Chemistry | Qualified UK and European Patent Attorney

    Mr Day hails from the UK and has been involved in the patent profession for the past 50 years. Mr Day holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Birmingham. Mr Day fully qualified as a UK Patent Attorney in 1965 and subsequently qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 1978. Mr Day has considerable experience in all aspects of patent especially patent drafting, industrial design, copyright law as well as advising frequently on matters pertaining to patent validity and infringement. Mr Day also brings to the team invaluable legal experience having been involved in several large infringement cases with large global corporations, both as plaintiff and as defendant. Since arriving in Malaysia in 1995, Mr Day has served as an expert witness in a number of patent infringement actions and has been an invited guest speaker at various IP symposiums on various aspects of IP. Besides IP, Mr Day is also a passionate teacher where he constantly mentors legal assistants and paralegals of law firms in Malaysia as well as assisting trainee patent agents on patent drafting. Mr Day now acts as a senior consultant for patent applications of IPHALL.

    Mr. Preston Smirman

    Patent legal and consulting

    Msc (Biotech) | Registered US Patent Agent

    Mr Smirman concentrates his practice in intellectual property law with a particular emphasis on biological, chemical and mechanical related patents. Mr. Smirman has been registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 1992. Mr. Smirman received his Bacherlor of Science in Biology from TexasA&M University in 1984 and his Masters of Science in Biotechnology Studies from the University of Maryland University College in 2004. He received his J.D., cum laude, from The University of Tennessee College of Law in 1996. His academic achievements include Certificates of Academic Excellence in Business Associations, Constitutional Law, and Intellectual Property, Dean’s List, and Regents Scholarship. Mr. Smirman has prepared and prosecuted patent applications, trademark applications and copyright applications,drafted legal opinions, conducted novelty and infringement investigations, and participated in various litigation matters, allon behalf of several prominent aerospace, automotive, chemical, and medical device clients. Mr. Smirman was also employed by Lockheed Martin at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for seven years, the last year there as Associate Counsel for Intellectual Property. Mr. Smirman also worked as a paralegal for several years at various large New York law firms. Mr. Smirman is a member of the American and Michigan Bar Associations. He is also a member of the American and Michigan Intellectual Property Law Associations, Licensing Executives Society, Association of University Technology Managers, International Trademark Association and Intellectual Property Owners Association. Mr Smirman is part of the IPHALL team and is responsible for all matters pertaining to US patent applications.

    Ms. Lok Lee Yin

    Bsc (Chemistry) | Registered US Patent Agent

    Ms Lok has been a US Patent Agent since 2007 and helped to establish the Pintas US office in 2008. She received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Science from University of Science Malaysia in 2000 with majoring in Analytical Chemistry with a minor in Management. She started her career as a Quality Officer at Plexus in 2001 before joining Pintas IP Group as a patent engineer in 2004. Ms. Lok has had many years of experience in the preparation, prosecution and e-filing of U.S. patent, trademark applications and general patent counseling. She also has vast experience in handling (filing) US patent and design applications in Malaysia. Ms Lok is part of the IPHALL team and is responsible for all patent prosecuation matters in the US.

  • Patent drafting and filing services procedure

    The general procedure is as the following:

    STEP 1

    The client drafts and submits their patent using IPHALL's easy to use Draft Your Patent Online tab. The client selects the countries he/she plans to submit the patent. An invoice will be issued and the client pays the total service charge.

    The client may choose to seek initial advice from IPHALL patent team before proceeding.

    STEP 2

    IPHALL's patent technical team receives the submitted draft and collects all necessary technical information from the client.

    STEP 3

    An invention novelty search is carried out before proceeding with reviewing the clients' patent draft.

    STEP 4

    IPHALL's patent technical team will review and amend the draft to international standards. The client will be contacted (if necessary) by the technical team for further information and discussion

    STEP 5

    The first draft is sent to the client for review and feedback within 30 working days. We make the necessary amendments if required.

    STEP 6

    The patent is filed according the clients' strategic business needs. We assist with patent prosecution and litigation.